o'ko is...

Equal parts eclectic design, culture and craft immersion and, well, there’s always some adventure involved. 


the studio

We evolve as we involve ourselves within the world.

Simply put, every craft has some form of culture behind it and this studio specializes in all aspects of branding that craft with its culture and you in mind. I pride myself on digging past the surface layers to not only make you look good, but to captivate your brands depth, purpose and personality. Why? It automatically sets you apart and showcases your brand true to who it is, and helps lay the foundation to what it wants to become. No two people are the same, so there should be no two brands the same. 

Branding is a healthy balance of visually yelling who you are, what you do, and who/what you stand for, but making it comfortable and inviting enough for people to make their own decision about you. Together, we can make that decision very easy for them. 

who o'ko works with

Starting a business is hard work. It’s risky and bold. You’re usually a rebel of some sort, not fond of the rules and/or you see things differently so you want to share it with the world. Your way. Your rules.

Whether you’re just starting this new venture on a cocktail napkin, have been in business for 20+ years or are branching off to do your own thing, I want to work with you. I work with businesses of all ages, race, genders and ethnicities in various industries: 

  • Art & Design
  • Blogging & Influencer Services
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Wellness, Health & Fitness
  • Home & Living 
  • Musicians 
  • Photographers
  • Professional Services
  • Travel, Hospitality & Leisure