all things branding

Let's create a brand that sparks curiosity, captivates your craft and keeps them craving more. These services apply to anyone who is just starting their business venture, or who own an established business and need touch-up in some areas and/or a complete re-brand. 

  • Naming & Brand Conceptualizing - I get it, naming your business is h a r d. There's a lot of confusion and self-doubt that goes on there, but sometimes getting a professionals perspective can generate clear creative ideas and point you to the light, ending the 'naming' madness.  With the right questions and a brainstorm sesh with yours truly, we can get the juices flowin' to make you feel confident about your brand name. 
  • Logo Identity & Visual Systems - Creating a graphic representation of your businesses’s name and developing a branded visual system to use throughout its lifespan. This creates continuity and usually is the first step toward building a strong brand foundation. 
  • Brand Story Development - People want more than a cool looking brand, they want to know WHY they should support you. Creating and developing a story that represents you and your brand is key to making lasting relationships with your customers. Once you've won their trust, their support will follow suit for years to come. We're out for those loyal customers!
  • Voice & Messaging - What message is your brand sending to your customers? What message do you want it to send? To whom is it being directed to? Focusing on the language you are using in and around your brand is crucial to its culture and lifestyle. 
  • Website Design - To be blunt, you need to be online. Most businesses need some form of website to validate their existence in this world, and for people to take you seriously. Simply put, let's get you online so people can validate, trust, find and get to know more about you. The way you are showcased online is just as important these days as how you're presented in the flesh. Using your website as the main hub to streamline all social media and secondary websites is key to brand traffic and awareness. 
  • Brand Swag  - (aka merchandise or branded gear for your people) If you are a trendy, sustainable, eco-friendly shop and you're selling branded plastic water bottles made in China, there is a huge disconnect between your brand and its swag. People will buy/wear your products if they believe and trust in your brand. Creating products or co-branding with other established products that have similar missions and goals, connects and reinforces your brands message. 
  • Annual Event Branding + Theme Development - Does your business hold events annually? If so, branding those events can make it more of a memorable experience so guests will recognize, donate and look forward to it for years to come.
  • Brand Consultations - Need to ask someone other than your mom or finance friends for branding advice? I'm all ears and am a huge advocate for  helping people get on the right path; even if it doesn't involve me and my services in the end. This is usually in the form of a scheduled phone call or online video chat for a certain amount of time. 

other services 

While my main focus is branding,  I often take on other tasks to help streamline and elevate your business needs. If you’re not sure your needs are covered, let’s chat! Chances are I can make it happen or I can send you to someone else who can.


marketing materials

Appearance is reality and you need to look as professional as you are. The marketing collateral you need usually depends on the industry you're in, but here are the basics: 

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead / Note Pads / Stickers
  • Brochures / Banners / Flyers / Postcards
  • Catalogs / Look Books / Booklets
  • Menus / Posters / Event Materials
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Product Sheets
  • Annual Reports / Manuals / Folders
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Streamline everything for a strong brand presence outside your doors.

  • Labeling
  • Package Design
  • Co-Brand Design
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Extending the brand beyond the physical and into digital land.

  • Website Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Content Ideas & Platform-Specific Formulas
  • Social Media Consultation